Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Acoustic Group mission

We eliminate the noise and improve the acoustics of the premises of a person:

  • Live in a silence
  • Work with comfort
  • Relax in cozy places
  • And work with pleasure

Acoustic Group history

History of Acoustic Group started in 1999, when a group of engineers developed a product with unique acoustic characteristics for additional acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings of rooms due to which it was named "panel system ZIPS". The same year it was decided to begin commercial development and promotion of innovative products in the field of building acoustics and also solution of typical problems of noise insulation in industrial and civil counstruction. In September 1999 the first big batch of ZIPS panels per object was dispatched. In 2000 the company's website started working at domain and business philosophy of the company in architectural and building acoustics was finally drawn up.

According to the set purposes since the date of Acoustic Group foundation the scientific and research department has been working and since 2004 our own measuring laboratory has been started, which includes a set of reverberant chambers, acoustic interferometers and vibration stands. But our main advantage is highly professional employees of engineers, Grand PhD in technical, physicsl and mathematics sciences.

For previous 20 years Acoustic Group has significantly broadened the range of special materials and structures for acoustic insulation produced under own brands. Besides grades Shumanet and Shumpost, materials Vibroflex, Soundlux, Shumoplast and others appeared. Basic distinctive peculiarity of all materials produced and delivered by Acoustic Group is FULL GUARANTEE of high acoustic efficiency.

The range of products has also been broadened due to appearance of various solutions for acoustics of rooms - decorative-finishing materials mostly from foreign manufacturers, interests from majority of which Acoustic Group exclusively represents in RF and neighboring states.

An engineering department that can solve tasks of any complexity is a special pride of Acoustic Group. Our engineers are able to consult on any issues of complex sound and vibration insulation of buildings and acoustics of rooms and professional equipment allows carrying out all necessary acoustic measurements at the highest level. Competence of Acoustic Group's engineering department has been proved on real tasks on multiple occasions and has got the best responses from serious clients. At different times Acoustic Group's specialists has been working over renovation projects of the Bolshoi Theater (Moscow), the Moscow State Conservatory of P.I. Tchaikovsky (Moscow), the State Theater of Nations (Moscow), the Palace of the Republic (Almaty) and many others.

A huge practical 20 years' experience of work with complicated projects permits Acoustic Group to render a full spectrum of services in acoustic engineering and monitoring of construction and erection works with provision of real guarantees for final result.

Presently Acoustic Group, except for headquarters in Moscow, has its own branch offices in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and in Ukraine (Kiev), Kazakhstan (Almaty) and the Republic of Belarus (Minsk).

Acoustic Group's network of distributors in Russia, CIS countries and far-abroad countries is widening every year.