Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Acoustic Group based upon an innovative idea that succeeded due to its unique technologies and regular investments into research and development of new products.

We always respond to challenges. We like to solve complex tasks because difficulties inspire us with new ideas. That’s how the innovative products of Acoustic Group come to be!

The company has a large engineering department. Qualification of our acoustical engineers was proven many times in the most complex projects. Halls of Bolshoi Theatre and Tchaikovsky Music Academy in Moscow, the Republic Palace in Almaty, International Airports Zhulyany and Borispol in Kiev, Accor hotels across ex-USSR – it is not an exhaustive list of projects we worked on.


Acoustic Group has its own acoustic laboratory facilitating research of acoustic and soundproof materials and structures. The company has all the necessary hardware and software for field acoustic measurements worldwide.


Acoustic Group cooperates with numerous scientific and research institutes and project organizations worldwide. Every year we host the Special International Conference “Acoustic Engineering Forum” in Moscow. Acousticians from different countries participate in this event to discuss various issues of today’s acoustic engineering, share their own experience, get news about the latest achievements and promote professional contacts.


In 1999 the invention of the unique soundproof panel system led to the creation of the company. Its main features are quick and simple assembly, high soundproof performance and minimal thickness. Nowadays over two million square meters of panels are sold worldwide. The third generation of ZIPS panels was presented in 2016. ZIPS-Ultra Innovative System allowed us to reduce the thickness of soundproof layer by 35% while the acoustic effect remained unchanged.


Innovation has been the focus of Acoustic Group since its establishment. The company offers numerous unique products. Besides ZIPS wall and ceiling panels, our product range includes ZIPS soundproof floor system, sheathing acoustic triplex “Soundline-dB” and granulated mixture “Shumoplast” for sound insulation of rough beams.