Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


In the Acoustic Group catalog, you will find the widest possible range of materials for sound insulation, vibration insulation, and creating a comfortable acoustic environment. In our Company, you can buy soundproofing materials for both the frame and frameless structures, spring and elastomeric vibration isolators, wall and ceiling acoustic panels and boards, perforated plasterboard, and many other products.

Frameless sound insulating system ZIPS for walls and ceilings

Frameless soundproofing of thin walls and partitions

Vibration Insulation Materials

Decorative Acoustic Materials

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Our Company is the manufacturer of most sound insulation materials presented in this catalog. Acoustic Group owns the trademarks of ZIPS, Shumanet, Shumostop, Vibroflex, Shumoplast, Soundline-db, Vibrosil, and many others. Many of them have existed for many years now and have proven themselves well. Each brand has its own specialization. For instance, ZIPS are sandwich panels for frameless sound insulation; Shumanet are premium acoustic sound absorbing boards; Shumanet-100 is rolled sound insulation under a concrete blinding coat; Vibroflex are vibration hangers and vibration fastenings, etc. However, all these trademarks are united by one feature: it is ALWAYS high-quality sound insulation.

We do not stand still and our product range is expanding; it is supplemented with new innovative materials that meet current market needs. Therefore, it is worth visiting the catalog page regularly!