Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Decorative Acoustic Materials

Decorative acoustic materials belong to a special category of construction finishing materials. They are used not only to get respectable interior, but also to provide good acoustics. Specialized acoustic ceiling and wall panels, depending on objectives set, are capable of absorbing or reflecting sound effectively. Preliminary design of acoustic project or an advice of acoustic engineer is recommended prior to the use of materials of this category.


Wood fiber panels

  • high mechanical strength and anti-ricochet properties
  • durability and maintainability
  • climate control inside the room
  • can be painted in any color “before” and “after” installation
  • possible digital printing and graffiti
  • different options for tip edges
  • fire hazard class KM1
  • made in Russia


Sound absorbing melamine foam-based boards

  • unlimited design capabilities (variety of shapes, decorative elements, painting to any color)
  • fire hazard class KM1
  • durability and sustainability
  • wide range of operating temperatures: – 200 °С to + 240 °С
  • made in Russia


Acoustic suspended ceilings and wall panels

  • variety of edges of connection of slabs and methods of their installation
  • сurvelinear and loose hanging elements
  • quick assembly and easy access to the utilities
  • environmental friendliness and compliance with building codes
  • ease of maintenance


CDF-based woodgrain acoustic panels

  • seamless assembly technology, with no visible seams
  • scratch-resistance and impact-resistance
  • reliability of the spike edge (often break in conventional panels made of MDF)
  • steady dimensions in unsteady indoor temperature and humidity parameters
  • eco-friendly and fireproof (KM2)


Sound-absorbing perforated panels and suspended elements

  • high mechanical strength of outer surface
  • flammability category NG - non-flammable material
    (only for Soundlux-Techno)
  • possible painting to any RAL color (only forr Soundlux-Design)
  • effective sound absorbance during assembly with no spaces
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