Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

DECOUSTIC Acoustic perforated panels

DECOUSTIC PANELS is a new domestic development, using state-of-the-art technologies of wood processing and high quality imported raw materials. 

The panels are processed in a new equipment FELDER Profit-H10, made in Austria, using diamond tools, which allow not only to perforate a template and make a saw notch, but also to mill all its four sides. This enables seamless assembly, without visible joints.

Distinctive Features of DECOUSTIC Acoustic Panels:

    • Panels are characterized by scratch-resistance and impact-resistance, which enables their successful application in high traffic spaces, in particular, conference halls and other multi-purpose halls of large capacity.
    • Seamless assembly technology offers an excellent aesthetic result, with no visible seams, to the satisfaction of the most demanding customer.
    • High strength of CDF ensures reliability of the spike edge, which often break in conventional panels made of soft MDF.
    • Steady dimensions in unsteady indoor temperature and humidity parameters due to low moisture-absorbance and high density of the body (more than 1000 kg/m3). No risk of shrinking, buckling, going out of locks.
    • Swiss panels SwissCDF comply with environmental standards and fire safety requirements..
Decorative acoustic materials for ceiling
Decoustic 14/2 perforated

Basic collection (9 decors)

Decoustic 30/2, perforated

Basic collection (9 decors)

Decoustic 16/16/6 и 16/16/8

Basic collection (9 decors)