Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

ECOPHON Acoustic Panels

Acoustic suspended ceiling and wall panels

Ecophon panels mounted on suspension system or directly to the ceiling slab are effective sound-absorbing structures, which allow to reduce reverberation and adjust acoustics in the premises of different types and purposes. Wide product range of panels allows to meet various requirements in terms of performance, design and outer surface. Curvelinear panels, as well as different types of beveled edges and multiple color options allow for different design solutions.

Ecophon Focus

Panels and elements to create a variety of shapes and unique and unconventional compositions of the ceilings.

Ecophon Master

Ceilings are specially designed to create comfortable acoustics in conference rooms, meeting rooms, open-type offices, classrooms, where they provide maximum sound absorption in a wide range of frequencies.

Ecophon Solo

Free-hanging panels made in different shapes and sizes.

Ecophon Hygiene

Ecophon Hygiene series panels allow you to create good acoustics while meeting strict requirements for cleanliness and hygiene.

Ecophon Combision

Panels and elements to create a variety of shapes and unique and unconventional compositions of the ceilings.

Ecophon Access

Ecophon Access panels are used in corridors and other areas where free access to engineering systems located in the ceiling space is required.

Ecophon Super G

Ecophon Super G is a high-impact, high-performance acoustic ceiling and wall panels made of high-density fiberglass. Suitable for gyms and school corridors.

Ecophon Sombra

Black acoustic ceiling.

Ecophon Gedina

The ceiling of the Ecophon Gedina series at the same time combines efficiency, the ability to meet high requirements for acoustics, ease of installation and high performance. This allows them to be used in everyday areas such as offices, classrooms, lobbies, restaurant halls, shops, etc.

Ecophon Advantage

Suspended ceilings with a good price/quality ratio that meet the basic requirements for acoustics, moisture resistance and mechanical strength.

Ecophon OPTA

OPTA ceiling panels are usually installed in those areas where you need a simple suspended ceiling, which has, however, acoustic properties, the ceiling, which can be easily mounted and removed any panel.

Ecophon Industry

Ecophon Industry Modus TAL system is suitable for noise reduction in industrial premises.

Ecophon Wall Panel

Acoustic panels for finishing walls in rooms, as an addition or alternative to sound-absorbing suspended ceiling.

More information about Ecophon products

Application: Ecophon panels are used in concert and lecture halls, cinemas, including home, classrooms and offices, gyms and swimming pools, lobbies and other public areas. Can be used in technical areas: ventilating chambers, the engine rooms of elevators, boilers and pumping stations.

Condition: The panels are made of high density fiberglass. The Connect suspension system is made of galvanized steel.

Types of products: The Swedish company Ecophon (Ecophon) has developed different types of ceilings for both general and special purposes, with different requirements for acoustics. The range includes acoustic materials such as Gedina, Focus, Advantage, Master, Combison, Access, Super G, Hygiene, Sombra with different types of edges and suspension systems, as well as curved elements and wall panels.