Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics
Acoustics with creativity
Acoustics with creativity
Acoustics with creativity
Acoustics with creativity
Acoustics with creativity

High-quality Soundboard panels are used for cladding walls and ceilings of all types of buildings. They have high acoustic properties and fit perfectly into modern interiors. Soundboard panels consist of completely natural components - wood fiber, white cement and water. The cement mixture envelops the fibers and binds them into a dense panel. SOUNDBOARD panels made of wood fiber with a cement binder allow you to create modern urban interiors with good acoustics.

Why choose Soundboard?

  • Moisture resistance
  • Durability and maintainability
  • High mechanical strength
  • Climate control inside the room
  • High acoustic characteristics
  • Can be painted in any color
  • Fire safety
  • Eco-friendly

Where can you use Soundboard?

Large rooms with high noise levels
concert halls, stadiums, airports, swimming pools, nightclubs, discos
Low noise level rooms
apartments, private houses, offices, museums, libraries, hotels, art galleries
Musical purpose
theatres, cinemas, studios, circuses, music schools, concert halls, filming pavilions, home cinemas
Public areas with average noise levels
kindergartens, restaurants, shopping malls, lecture halls, school classrooms, assembly and sports halls

Soundboard shapes


Possible millings

Soundboard panels
SoundBoard Extrafine
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SoundBoard Fine
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SoundBoard SuperFine
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