Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

SOUNDLUX panels and suspension elements

Sound-absorbing panels and 3D-elements Soundlux is a proprietary design of Acoustic Group. This product has become available in the Russian market due to the interest of some customers to acoustic materials with increased wear-resistance, durability and fire safety. As a rule, these requirements are important for public buildings with high traffic, like theatres, cinemas, clubs, bowling, gyms and sports centers.

Up to date, Soundlux panels are available in the following configurations: wall perforated metal cartridges Soundlux-Design with an optional painting to any RAL color, their non-flammable variants Soundlux-Techno in five colors, as well as suspended sound-absorbing elements Sound-Baffle. Due to the technology of spot mounting to the ceiling slab, suspended panels Soundlux-Baffle allow to solve issues concerning acoustics adjustment of the room, where the use of standard sound-absorbing panels on the walls and ceiling is impossibleю

Distinctive Features:

  • High mechanical strength of outer surface
  • Flammability category NG - non-flammable material (only for Soundlux-Techno)
  • Possible painting to any RAL color (only forr Soundlux-Design)
  • High-quality powder coating of the shield (only for Soundlux-Design)
  • Effective sound absorbance during assembly with no spaces
Soundlux panels

Non-flammable wall panels made of perforated galvanized steel cartridge. Used for wall cladding (without relative to the surface). Due to the galvanized (unpainted) surface and the hermetic cover made of basalt fabric, they have the category of flammability "non-flammable material". This allows the use of these panels for acoustic decoration of large public spaces. There is a possibility of placing special orders with painting with fireproof paints. Attention! The panels of Soundlux Techno are not used on ceilings!

SOUNDLUX suspension elements
SoundLux Baffle

Suspended sound absorbing elements (surround sound absorbers on suspensions). Produced in two modifications; using only non-combustible components (models labeled "techno") and using slow-burning components (models labeled "design"). The presence of suspended elements of two absorbing surfaces located perpendicular to the plane of the ceiling overlap causes high sound absorption characteristics in the entire normalized frequency range. Thanks to a point mount on cables or chains, the Soundlux-Buffle panels can be installed in rooms with ceilings of any height, including after all the finishing work has been completed.

SoundLux Baffle LED

Unique acoustic elements with built-in LED light

SoundLux Solo

Volume horizontal suspended sound absorbing elements

SoundLux Solo LED

Horizontal suspended elements with built-in LED light


Standard perforation of the metal shield: 3mm dia holes, 5mm spaced. Perforation coefficient 28%. Other custom-made round perforation (as well as square, rhomb) is possible when order volume exceeds 200 m2.

Assembly of Soundlux-Design, -Techno

Panels are mounted directly to walls without air gap using standard 40 mm metal -bars (similar to mounting of Ecophon Wallpanel panels). Panels may be mounted in several tires. Manual tools should be available to cut metal up to 1 mm thick and sharp knife to work with sound-absorbing slab located inside the panel.

Assembly of Soundlux-Baffle

Sondlux-Baffle panels are suspended to the ceiling slab using metal rope with 2 mm cross-section or using metal chains (2 suspensions per a panel. For this purpose, two metal mounting rings with internal diameter of 10 mm are installed at the edge of long side of the panel. If panels are suspended in chains, metal swiveling hooks are used for the connection with mounting rings.