Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Non-flammable wall panels Soundlux-Techno are effective solution for acoustics adjustment in public and production spaces. Mineral basalt fiber filler absorbs sound well in the wide range of frequencies, and perforated metal shield provides a good protection against mechanical impact.

Soundlux-Techno, basalt fabric
PVA 2500х300х40 mm, 0,75 m2/pcs.,
Price on request

Name Price, euro./m2 Price, euro./piece
Soundlux-Techno (NG), black cloth
PVA 3000х300х40 mm, 0,9m2/pcs., galvanized steel
Soundlux-Techno (NG), basalt fabric
PVA 2500х300х40 mm, 0,75 m2/pcs.
Soundlux-Techno (NG), basalt fabric
PVA 3000х300х40 mm, 0,9 m2/pcs.
Soundlux-Techno, black cloth
PVA 2500х300х40mm, 0,75m2, fire resistant paint (NG) / RAL coloring (G1)
Soundlux-Techno, black cloth
PVA 3000х300х40mm, 0,9m2/pcs, fire resistant paint (NG) / RAL colouring (G1)
Soundlux-Techno (NG), black cloth
PVA 2500х300х40 mm, 0,75 m2/pcs., galvanized steel

Scope of Application
Used to create acoustic comfort or reduce noise in public and manufacture areas: hotels, healthcare facilities, sports centers, cinemas, clubs, discos, bowling, as well as engineering rooms, production workshop with noisy equipment, etc.

Sound-absorbing base - mineral basalt fiber slab in air-tight casing made of basalt cloth. Protection shield made of perforated galvanized steel cartridge

Distinctive Features:

  • High mechanical strength of outer surface
  • Flammability category NG - non-flammable material
  • Advanced color solution - galvanized steel
  • Effective sound absorbance during assembly with no spaces
  • Optional colors

Fireproof paint color options:

black   anthracite
silver graphite
white blue
golden red brown
copper brown
turquoise lime
yellow gray
red beige
bright red sea ​​wave
green orange
dark blue terracotta

Physical and technical characteristics
Type 1:
Panel size: 2500х300х40 mm
Square: 0,75 m2
Weight: 6,7 kg

Type 2:
Panel size: 3000х300х40 mm
Square: 0,9 m2
Weight: 8,0 kg

Reverberant acoustic absorption factors
Acoustic test are carried out by acoustic measurements laboratory NIISF RAASN, Moscow

Frequency, Hz100125160200250320400500630
Sound absorption coefficient of Soundlux-Techno 0,14 0,16 0,26 0,40 0,67 0,72 0,92 1,02 1,04
Frequency, Hz80010001250160020002500320040005000
Sound absorption coefficient of Soundlux-Techno 1,04 1,02 1,04 0,92 0,89 0,82 0,80 0,78 0,77

Can be coated with fire-proof paints upon customer’s request.
Colors available for panel painting - white,black, silver, brown, dark-blue, light-blue, orange, red.

Pay attention! Mounting kit should be purchased additionally for the assembly of Soundlux panels.

1 Mounting kit is intended for the assembly of 5 panels and 1 U-bar.

В Mounting kit for Soundlux panels contains:

   Self-tapping screw with a pressure-pad 4.2 х 41mm samorez_soundlux.jpg

  30 pcs.
  Multi-purpose expansion anchor "Fisher" ∅6х35 mm fisher.jpg

  30 pcs.
  Expansion anchor “Driva” for plasterboard 14 х 32 mm (plastic)  driva_(2).jpg
  30 pcs.


SoundLux-Techno panels are mounted directly to walls without air gap using standard 40mm wide metal profiles (similar to the mounting of Ecophon Wallpanel panels). Panels may be mounted in several tires. Manual tools should be available to cut metal up to 1 mm thick and sharp knife to work with sound-absorbing slab located inside the panel.