Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Soundproof conformal coatings Shumoplast is a ready-to-use granular mixture of elastic sound insulation material. After application of the material acts as a lining under a leveling screed in the construction of floating floors.

10 m2/pkg., for thickness h=2 cm
Price on request


The coating is specially developed for the device floating floors on large objects for slabs with a rough surface. The coating thickness of 15-30 mm is applied manually or mechanically directly to the ceiling and allows you to maintain stability of the acoustic characteristics of the sound insulation of the floor, despite such factors as laid on the floor of the utilities and/or protrusions on the surface of the slab. The index of impact sound reduction - up to 32 dB.


Shumoplast consists of the polystyrene granules treated with special technology, rubber compensating additives and synthetic adhesive on acrylic base. The coating patented in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Distinctive characteristics

  • allowable surface roughness of the overlap up to 15 mm
  • save costs for the installation of screed
  • simple and fast installation


The material has acoustic, hygienic and fire safety certificate.

Impact sound insulation:

The additional index of airborne sound insulation coating SHUMOPLAST thickness of 20 mm under the screed surface density 120 kg/m2
ΔRw = 7-9 dB.

Impact sound insulation:

Acoustic tests performed by laboratory of acoustic measurements NNGASU Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Packing:Ready to use mixture is packing in polyethylene bags with volume of 0,2 m3. The weight of the bag - 13,5 kg. Consumption - 1 bag to 10 m2, with a thickness of coating 20 mm.

1. Preparations

Before installing the coat all construction and reinforcement waste more than 10 mm above the floor slab must be removed. Repeat for the walls and columns removing waste to the height of the edge.

1. Surface preparation and installation

2. Edge layer installation 

In case of using Shumoplast product as edge material apply the layer of Shumoplast-grunt primer coat slightly higher than the height of leveling screed on the walls and columns. Use the polyurethane finishing trowel to apply Shumoplast coat on the walls and columns, covered by primer coat for approximately 20 mm. Shumanet-100 Super and Shumostop-K2 products could be used for making edge layer. In this case materials are fixed to the walls and columns with Vibrosil acoustic silicone sealant.  

2. Beginning instalation

3. Shumoplast coat placing

After preparing the surfaces strew the stock out on the floor slab and compact it with finishing trowel until it has height of 20 mm. Start applying the coat from the far corners towards the entrance of the room. Use probe to check the thickness of the layer. The stock completely polymerizes in heated and ventilated space within 48 hours. It can be used for further installing leveling screed. 

3. Installation of sandwich panels

4. Installation of leveling screed

The screed must be reinforced with metal lath, which should be at a height of 20 mm from the Shumoplast coat. Reinforced sand-cement screed should be made at least of M300 sandcrete or ready mixed concrete with a thickness of 60 mm. In case of semidry process edged layer of the material should be covered with plastic to prevent it from destroying while leveling with screed board.

4. Trim panels

5. Edge cutting and construction sealing

Cut off the edge layer with the utility knife after strength gaining of leveling screed. Grout the joint between the wall and the screed with Vibrosil acoustic silicone sealant. Installation of the acoustical construction is finished. The surface is ready for further finishing.

5. Spacing of the conjunctions

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Certificates and patents (Russia)

Patent on invention