Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


High sound-proofing performance of the SHUMOSTOP slab system (ΔLn,w = 32 dB) ensures an impact noise of 20 dB below the level required by the construction code for almost any interfloor overlapping structures. This provides true acoustic comfort when the sound of a bottle falling on the floor of a premise above is perceived in a premise below as a sound of a falling small coin.

Shumostop-К2, mineral slab
1200 х 300 х 20mm, in package 10pcs./3,6m2
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Shumostop-K2 is sound-proofing mineral wool slabs with a high index of impact noise (32 dB) and a specific weight of 105 kg/m3. Using the material in floor sound-proofing allows to improve acoustic comfort in houses with reinforced concrete floor slabs. Efficient operation in wide dynamic and frequency ranges proves that Shumostop-K2 performance is the best among floor sound-proofing products.

Scope of Application

Shumostop-K2 is used as an edging material to separate the floating screed from vertical surfaces, or as an elastic layer along the perimeter of a premise and where expansion joints are located, to protect against screed shrinkage in case of an unevenly loaded floor. It is recommended to be used in combination with Shumostop-S2.


Basalt fiber treated with a water-repellent composition.

Distinctive Features

  • professional sound-proofing;
  • quality control of each slab;
  • non-combustible.

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  • Dimensions: 1200 х 300 х 20mm
  • Volume density: 105+/- 5kg/m3
  • Quantity per package: 10pcs. (3,6m2)
  • Package volume: 0,072 m3
  • Package weight: 8,5 +/- 0,5 kg
  • Index of decrease in impact noise level under the screed 120kg/m2 - ∆ L, w = 32dB.

Slabs size and physical characteristics

length, mm

width, mm

Slab thikness, mmVolume density, kg/m3Package weight, kgPackage 
volume, m3


per package

Shumostop-S2 1200 600 20 90 ± 2 13 ± 1,3 0,14 10 pcs./7,2 m2
Shumostop-К2 1200 300 20 105 ± 5 8,5 ± 0,5 0,072 10 pcs./3,6 m2

Index of decrease in impact noise level under the screed 120 kg/m2 - Δ L, w = 32dB.

  • Edging slabs SHUMOSTOP-K2 are laid onto the floor slab along the walls and around columns. Used together with SHUMOSTOP-S2 slabs;
  • A spacing layer of polyethylene (PE) film is laid upon the slabs;
  • Above PE film, a leveling reinforced cement and sand screed of no less than M300 grade, at least 60 mm thick is laid for one layer, and at least 80 mm for two layers of SHUMOSTOP;
  • Leveling screed along the perimeter of the room should be separated from walls, columns and utility systems using SHUMOSTOP-K2 slabs or resilient spacers VIBROSTEK-M.
  • Slabs are recommended to be installed in cotton gloves.