Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


KNAUF-Acuboard panels are used to increase the sound-proofing of interior partitions made of gypsum blocks less than 100 mm thick. Panels without gap and framework are mounted on the partition from any side using multi-purpose self-tapping screws or rawplug anchors.

KNAUF-Acuboard, soundproofing panel for thin partitions
1500х1200х20 mm
Price on request

Scope of Application:

KNAUF-Acuboard panels represent a design solution to increase sound-proofing of one-layer partitions made of gypsum blocks, 80-100 mm thick, as well as interior walls and partitions based on them. The sound-proofing panel is only 20 mm thick.  

ATTENTION! To increase the sound-proofing, the partition made of tongue-and-groove gypsum blocks up to 100mm thick is covered with KNAUF-Acuboard on one side. Double-side covering is senseless: the effect of additional sound-proofing is manifested significantly after one-side covering and is not increased when a layer is added on the other side of the partition!

Principle of Operation:

Using KNAUF-Acuboard allows increasing sound-proofing of thin and light partitions in the range of medium frequencies by eliminating resonance oscillations of the initial wall. Depending on the wall size and type of gypsum blocks, KNAUF-Acuboard increases sound-proofing of light partitions by 5-9 dB.


  • Special extra heavy gypsum board sheet;
  • Multi-layer fleece glued on the back side

Distinctive Features:

  • Intended to increase sound-proofing of tongue-and-groove gypsum blocks
  • Super-thin panel: only 20 mm
  • Increased partition sound-proofing: up to 9dB
  • Easy mounting - no elastic spacers and sealants are required!
  • Easy finishing: external layer is a high-quality gypsum board sheet

Physical and technical characteristics:

Slab size - 1500х1200х20 mm