Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

ULTRACOUSTIC, versatile vibration insulating hanger

The ULTRACOUSTIC versatile vibration insulating hanger is a low-cost version of the vibration insulating hanger for frame-type suspended ceiling and wall lining structures. It reduces noise by 25%**

ULTRACOUSTIC, versatile vibration insulating hanger
versatile vibration insulating hanger
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**As compared to the use of standard straight hangers, the use of ULTRAACOUSTIC hangers increases the airborne sound insulation index of the whole structure by ΔRw = 2 dB, which is equivalent to reducing the penetrating noise sound pressure by 25%. The maximum efficiency is manifested in the low-frequency range from 100 to 315 Hz.

A combination of Sylodyn/Sylomer elastomers is used as a working vibration-insulating element in the hanger design.

The mounting method of the universal vibration-insulating ULTRAACOUSTIC hangers does not differ from that for standard rigid straight hangers from other manufacturers. The hangers shall be installed as a gray layer on the wall/ceiling surface.

Technical specifications

  • Airborne sound insulation index of the design increased by 2 dB, as compared to the standard straight hanger
  • Availability of a working anti-vibration layer formed by a combination of Sylodyn/Sylomer elastomers
  • 1 mm thick strength hanger
  • Extended suspension shelves that allow to mount the frame with a clearance of up to 150 mm from the wall or ceiling surface
  • Long-term stability of vibroacoustic properties (more than 30 years)


Lenght: 350 mm
Width: 30 mm
Mounting foot thickness: 1 mm
Assembly thickness: 15 mm
Quantity per package: 60 pcs.

Versatile ULTRAACOUSTIC anti-vibration hangers are mounted directly to the ceiling through the central hole using metal anchor nails with a diameter of 6 mm. An average number of hangers per 1 sq.m of ceiling is 2.7 pcs (lining: 2 sheets of plasterboard or gypsum fiber board). Each hanger is designed for a load of not more than 15 kg.

The hangers shall be installed as a gray layer to the wall/ceiling surface.