Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Vibroflex 2/30 M6, ceiling hanger

The new Vibroflex 1/kg M6 is a reliable ceiling hanger that is designed to reduce sound vibrations transmitted from the ceiling to the suspended structure. This increases the sound insulation performance of the entire system. Each type of hanger is designed for a specific load as indicated in the hanger designation.

Vibroflex 2/30 M6, ceiling hanger
ceiling hanger
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The design of the Vibroflex 2/30 M6 ceiling hanger is a M6 screw fastener which is connected to a metal slab through holes for fixing it on the bearing surface. The damping element is made of microporous polyurethane. To fix the profile, you can use a standard straight or adjustable hanger, attaching it to Vibroflex 2/30 M6 using additional fasteners.

Application Area

Unlike conventional straight hangers, this product can be used for the installation of ceiling structures of complex shape. Its versatility is achieved due to compatibility with other standard frame elements and high vibration insulating properties.

Depending on the load, 5 types of suspensions are available:

NameColour of resilient elementMaximum load on hanger, kgc
Vibroflex 2/7 M6  pink 7
Vibroflex 2/15 M6  yellow 15
Vibroflex 2/30 M6  green 30
Vibroflex 2/55 M6  blue 55
Vibroflex 2/70 M6  purple 70


The suspension is made of anodized metal using the Sylodyn polyurethane elastomer.

Distinctive Features

  • Wide range of operating frequencies covering the entire audible range;
  • Versatility;
  • Optimal load per Vibroflex 2/30 M6 hanger is 30 kg;
  • Preservation of vibroacoustic properties for more than 10 years.

Attention: The Vibroflex 2/30 M6 price does not include the cost of additional fasteners, that shall be purchased separately.


Acoustic parameters The graph shows the measurement results of the sound insulation of a 120 mm thick brick wall with soundproofing lining structures including two layers of gypsum fiber plasterboard.

The measurements have been carried out for two options for fixing the lining to the wall:
1. Using standard metal hangers (hard fastening)
2. Using vibration isolating fasteners VIBROFLEX-К-15