Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Vibroflex-connect PS

Vibroflex-connect PS are low-cost wall fasteners, that are used for the installation of lightweight partitions and linings made of plasterboard or gypsum fiber board on a frame metal base. This allow to reduce the transmission of sound vibrations from the wall to the installed structure, thereby increasing its noise insulation performance.

Vibroflex-connect PS
anti-vibration wall fastener
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Vibroflex-connect PS is a wall fastener of a standard configuration consisting of a perforated bracket fixed to the base through a damping layer of Sylodyn polyurethane material. Vibroflex-connect PS fasteners for profile feature a load capacity of 25 kg and are installed with a pitch of 1,500 mm along the vertical profile.

The main difference between Vibroflex connect PS and Vibroflex-KS is the frequency range of the hangers. KS works well at low frequencies, whereas PS is designed to protect against community noise within the mid-frequency range.

Distinctive Features

  • Anticorrosive coating of metal strength elements;
  • Vibration reduction level of up to 15 dB;
  • Reliability and ease of attachment due to perforated bracket shelves;
  • 30-year service life when preserving the properties.