Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Vibroflex-connect PP

Vibroflex-connect PP are special hangers for suspended ceilings. They are intended for use in lightweight suspended frame ceiling systems made of plasterboard or gypsum fiber board. They successfully reduce the transmission of vibrations to the frontal surface, increasing the level of sound insulation of the whole structure. Their working range is up to 14 dB.

Vibroflex-connect PP
anti-vibration wall fastener
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Vibroflex-connect PP is a ceiling hanger that solves the problem of ensuring the structure mounting reliability and reduces the level of sound vibrations from the bearing surface. The product is made of metal with a corrosion-resistant anodized coating. The design uses a damping liner made of synthetic material – Sylodyn, which prevents sound waves from passing from the base to the fixed profile. The hanger load capacity is 15 kg.

Application Area

The hanger is designed for mounting metal profiles in indoors frame-type ceiling soundproofing structures to protect against medium-intensity noise.

Distinctive Features

  • Anticorrosive coating of strength components;
  • Sound insulation performance up to 15 dB;
  • Reliability and ease of attachment.

Unlike Vibroflex K-15, which reduces noise by 20 dB, the working range of PP is limited to 14 dB, but the price of the Vibroflex-connect PP is much lower. The use of such hangers is advisable in the premises to protect against noise of medium and low intensity.


Shumanet-connect PP hangers are mounted directly to the ceiling through two holes using metal anchor nails with a diameter of 6 mm.