Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Vibroflex-K-15 is an anti-vibration ceiling hanger designed for use in suspended ceiling structures made of plasterboard or gypsum fiber board on a metal frame. Due to the use of specialized material – Sylodin as a vibration-insulating element, the sound vibration transmission to the front surface of the sound-insulating structure is significantly reduced. Therefore, the additional sound insulation of the system increases significantly. The hanger working range is up to 20 dB.

anti-vibration ceiling fastener
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The attachment of the metal profile of the frame ceiling soundproofing structures to the ceiling is carried out using a Vibroflex K-15 hanger. The hanger is a bracket with perforated shelves, which is connected to the base through anti-vibration liners made of Sylodyn material. The product is designed in such a way that the pressing force to the bearing surface does not affect its rigidity. Therefore, its vibration-proof properties remain stable and the decrease in the sound waves level is up to 20 dB.

Vibroflex K-15 is a ceiling hanger with the highest performance among similar products, the higher price of which is justified by its quality and durability.

Application Area

It is used in the installation of frame-type soundproofing structures for fixing metal profiles. The hanger load capacity is 15 kg.

Attention: The product is intended only for ceiling structures and is not recommended for wall linings.

Distinctive Features

  • Anodized coating of strength components;
  • Sound insulation performance up to 20 dB;
  • Service life over 30 years.

Technical specifications
The graph shows the measurement results for the sound insulation of reinforced concrete floors with a sound-proof suspended ceiling structure.

Виброфлекс К15

The measurements have been carried out for two options for fixing the lining to the wall:
1. Using standard metal hangers (hard fastening)
2. Using vibration isolating fasteners VIBROFLEX-К-15


VIBROFLEX-K-15 hangers are mounted directly to the ceiling through two holes, using metal anchor nails with a diameter of 6 mm.