Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Vibroflex EP/25

Anti-vibration VIBROFLEX wall fasteners are a new engineering solution for reducing noise and vibration transmission in premises of any type and purpose. For mounting to vertical enclosing structures, wall options of EP fasteners have been developed.

Vibroflex EP/25
wall hanger
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In many modern buildings, noise sources cover the entire frequency range that can be perceived by man. For such cases, the Acoustic Group Company’s team has developed the Vibroflex EP/25 fastener. The materials used in its design provide a high load carrying capacity and a good vibration reduction within a wide frequency range.

The product is available in two versions: A and B. Vibroflex EP/25A is fitted with a stud, and the B version features an internal M6 thread.

Application Area

Vibroflex ЕР/25 is used for attaching wall frame structures with high requirements for sound insulation, as well as for vibration insulation of engineering services.


The fastener is made of metal with anodized coating. To dampen vibrations, a new generation of Sylodyn polyurethane elastomer is used.

Distinctive Features

  • Resonant frequency of the product ensures the performance within the entire audible range;
  • Durability (the service life with preservation of working properties is over 10 years;
  • Vibroflex ЕР/25А can be used in various structures due to the threaded fastening.

The price of Vibroflex EP is fully justified by its high efficiency, quality, and versatility.


The maximum load per hanger is 25 kg.

Acoustic parameters
The graph shows the measurement results of the sound insulation of a 120 mm thick brick wall with soundproofing lining structures including two layers of gypsum fiber plasterboard.

The measurements have been carried out for two options for fixing the lining to the wall:
1. Using standard metal hangers (hard fastening);
2. Using vibration isolating fasteners VIBROFLEX-ER 1/25.


VIBROFLEX ЕР/25 А and В versions: The fastener is attached to the wall through the holes in the metal slab.