Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Vibrostack-M 100 Tape Sound-Proofing Liner

VIBROSTACK-M is a soundproof glass fiber tape, reeled in a roll. The structural noise insulation is provided by the elastic properties of the porous fibrous texture of the material. This provides the stable physical and mechanical characteristics of the liner when exposed to static and dynamic loads, as well as the preservation of the declared acoustic properties during a long service life.

Vibrostack-M 100 Tape Sound-Proofing Liner
roll 30 m, width 100 mm, thikness 4 mm (3 m2)
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Vibrostack-M 100 is a fiberglass-based sound insulation tape. It is available in rolls of 30 m. The size of the tape is 4×100 mm. The elastic properties of fiberglass and the availability of air pores provide the unique damping performance of Vibrostack M-100.

Application Area

The Vibrostack-M 100 tape is used as an acoustic junction for the ends of ZIPS panels, frame-type partitions; it can also be used as lining when installing wooden floors. The product preserves its properties when exposed to compressive static load; therefore, it can be laid under the lower end of a load-bearing beam or panel.


Multilayer fiberglass with a chaotic pattern of fibers. C-type fiberglass.

Distinctive features

  • Protection against structural noise with a low thickness;
  • Resistance to loads of various intensity;
  • Long service life;
  • The price of Vibrostack-M 100 corresponds to its performance.

Physical and technical characteristics
Tape width: 10 cm.
Roll length: 30 m.
Thickness: 4 mm.
Area density: 300 g/m2.
Roll weight: 1 kg.

Vibro-acoustic parameters
Dynamic modulus of elasticity Ed: 0.18 MPa with a load of 2 KPa, 0.35 MPa with a load of 5 KPa.
Relative compression ratio εd: 0,25 with a load of 2 KPa, 0,35 with a load of 5 KPa.


When installing ZIPS sandwich panels, the VIBROSTACK-M tape liner is laid in two layers in the places of their contact with the floor, as well as in the places of contact between the panels and side walls and the ceiling. When mounting frame partitions and lining, the VIBROSTACK-M material is applied between frame profiles (fasteners) and supporting building structures. Tapes of VIBROSTACK-M material are also used at the junction points of facing sheets of a partition (lining) with other building structures.