Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics


Vibration insulating supports for elevators

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Vibration insulating supports ISOTOP® SE-DE Elevator represent multi-layer elements with extra weight, implementing double-section vibration insulation scheme having higher efficiency compared with single-section scheme. Supports are matched depending on the number and the load applied, from SE-DE Elevator 13 - SE-DE Elevator 280 product range.

Optional accessories: lower bearing plate 300х150х8 mm with holes for securing to the base or lower bearing plated with anti-corrosion spacer.

Scope of Application

ISOTOP® SE-DE Elevator is intended for vibration insulation of elevator winches in order to protect them against structure-borne noise. This structure allows to avoid significant deformations under high dynamic loads, i.e. during jump start and stop of an elevator. Maximum load to a support can reach 33350 N.


Vibration insulating supports consist of load distributing 10 mm metal plate with anti-slip spacer, intermediated massive 60 mm metal plate and two isolated layers of polyurethane elastomer Sylomer/Sylodyn.

Special Features

  • Quick assembly
  • Uniform size
  • Better efficiency compared with single-section vibration insulation scheme
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Durability
  • Precise identification of natural frequency.