Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

ZIPS-Z4, sandwich-panel

Frameless soundproofing system for unevenness walls and ceilings.

Airborne sound improovement rating +19db.

It solves two problems: additional sound insulation for walls and ceilings, compensates for unevenness up to 50 mm. System thickness: 55 mm.

ZIPS-Z4, sandwich-panel
1200х600х42,5 mm (0,72m2/pcs.)*
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ZIPS-Z4 soundproofing panel system with surface leveling system used in construction and reconstruction of buildings of any type to increase sound insulation of single-layer structures, such as: gypsum, brick and concrete walls, partitions, as well as reinforced concrete floor slabs. Extreme surface roughness available for alignment by the ZIPS-Z4 system is 50 mm.

ZIPS-Z4, sandwich-panel is patented in Russia and CIS countries.


ZIPS-Z4 soundproofing panel system consists of sandwich panels 42,5 mm thick and special finishing plasterboards AKU-LINE. Sandwich-panel represents a combination of 20 mm tongue-and-froove waterproof plasterboard layer and 20 mm fiberglass slab. Each sandwich panel contains eight vibration-isolating attachment points, through which it is mounted to walls or ceilings.

To lean against the wall of floor slab, the ZIPS-Z4 panel uses six special vibration dampers made of Sylomer, via which the panel clearance can be adjusted up to 20 mm and up to 50 mm using additional ST-elements.


  • work size (excluding ridge area) of panels: 1200 x 600 mm
  • panel thickness: 42.5 mm
  • system thickness: 55 mm
  • panel weight: 20,5


KM1 fire safety class according to Federal Law of Russian Federation №123.


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Acoustic characteristics

Insulation of airborne noise. Acoustic tests have been carried out by acoustic laboratory NNGASU, Nizhny Novgorod. Report Nr. 2019/01 21.01.2019

Index of additional airborne noise soundproofing: ΔRw = 16 – 19dB*

*depending on the roughness of the wall


ZIPS-Z4 panel system should be mounted strictly according to installation instructions.


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Certificates and patents (Russia)

Declaration of Performance ZU-070319EN

Patent on invention

Fire Certificate