Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Private houses, cottages

Despite the fact that a cottage owner, as a rule, has no neighbors living in the same house and the building itself is outside the city, in order to achieve a high level of comfort in it, when designing and constructing a building, due attention should be paid to sound insulation. A modern cottage, as a rule, includes not only living rooms, but also rooms with a high noise level, such as home cinemas, engineering equipment premises. Good sound insulation between living rooms and rooms with a high noise level provides acoustic comfort to the residents, and the additional acoustic finishing in the home cinema will allow embracing all the possibilities of sound reproduction equipment.

Key numbers

20 dBA

comfortable noise level in living rooms at night (no noise)

80 dBA

the noise level from engineering equipment (chillers, pumps, gas boilers) might reach

100 dBA

the maximum sound level in the cinema might reach

in 99% of cases

to reduce the noise penetrating from the street, additional sound insulation of the facade walls is not required, window blocks need to be replaced

Issues of sound vibration insulation and acoustics in cottages:

  • sound insulation of floors (reduction of transmission of impact and air noise between floors) in the house;
  • interior partitions sound insulation;
  • sound insulation of loud (home cinema) and quiet (bedroom) premises from the rest of the premises in the house;
  • acoustic home cinema finishing (acoustic comfort in the cinema room);
  • sound and vibration insulation of engineering equipment in a private house: heating and water supply systems, ventilation and air conditioning, backup power supplies.
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