Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Restaurants and cafes

In the design, construction and renovation of public catering facilities (restaurants and cafes), due attention should be paid to the issues of sound and vibration insulation, as well as creating the required acoustic comfort in the premises. First of all, these issues are relevant for built-in premises adjacent to a residential building or a hotel.

Long-term practice has shown that in-situ measurements of sound insulation of real building structures always turn out to be lower than the values obtained for these structures in laboratory setting. This occurs due to the indirect ways of transmitting noise between the rooms, as well as the actual quality of construction and installation works. Therefore, for restaurants adjacent to apartments, as for premises with high levels of noise, the method of integrated sound insulation of all surfaces using the "floor-wall-ceiling" system is successfully applied.

Key numbers

55 dBA

the permissible equivalent noise level in the cafe and restaurant halls

57 dB

the minimum required sound insulation of walls separating the premises of apartments from restaurants

in 99% of cases

you can improve acoustic comfort, create a private environment, and reduce the echoing in a restaurant or cafe using sound-absorbing materials in the interior decoration

Issues of sound vibration insulation and acoustics in cafes and restaurants:

  • Sound insulation between restaurant halls and apartments or hotel rooms (insulation of walls and partitions, sound insulation of ceilings and floors);
  • Sound and vibration insulation of engineering equipment: reduction of noise from ventilation and air-conditioning systems, noise of refrigeration and kitchen equipment, as well as other adjacent technical premises (vibration insulation of refrigerating machines, sound insulation of chillers, etc.);
  • Acoustic comfort in the halls of restaurants and cafes, especially in the case of live music or karaoke.
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