Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Concert Halls and Theaters

In the design, construction, and renovation of cultural and entertainment facilities, which include theaters and concert halls, a great attention should be paid to the issues of sound and vibration insulation as well as to creating the required acoustic environment in such premises.

Key numbers

30 dBA

the maximum permissible level of the noise penetrating into a hall

less than 1 sec.

the recommended reverberation time for a hall equipped with a sound amplification system

over 2 sec.

the recommended reverberation time for a hall with natural acoustics

Issues of Sound and Vibration Insulation and Acoustics in Theaters and Concert Halls:

  • Sound insulation between the audience hall and other premises. Sound insulation of rehearsal rooms and classes (sound and vibration insulation of floors, insulation of walls and partitions, sound insulation of ceilings and floors).
  • Sound and vibration insulation of engineering systems: reducing the noise from ventilation and air conditioning systems (vibration insulation of refrigerators, noise insulation of chillers, etc.), the noise from technological and lighting equipment of the stage. In this case, the objects of protection are the audience hall as well as adjacent services premises: utility (dressing room) and administrative premises of a theater or a concert hall.
  • The required acoustic environment in the audience hall. Good sound in a theater or in a concert hall is one of the main functional components of these facilities. Therefore, the issue of acoustics is always given special attention there and, as a rule, in the design, construction, and renovation, a separate specialist - an acoustic engineer shall address this issue.
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