Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

TV, Radio and Cinema Studios

In the design, construction, and renovation of radio broadcasting and cinema studios, a great attention should be paid to the issues of sound and vibration insulation as well as to creating the required acoustic environment in the premises themselves.

When designing, each customer determines such requirements independently or relies on industry standards (OST) or international standards. As a rule, for premises with increased requirements for sound insulation, the method of integrated sound insulation of all surfaces will be successfully applied following the system "floor-wall-ceiling".

Key numbers

not more than 20 dBA

the background noise level

65-70 dB

the required sound insulation of enclosing structures

0.2-0.4 sec.

the recommended reverberation time

Issues of Sound and Vibration Insulation and Acoustics in Radio and Cinema Broadcasting Studios:

  • Sound and vibration insulation of the premises of radio and cinema broadcasting studios from each other as well as from external sources of noise (vibration insulation of floors, sound insulation of walls and partitions, sound insulation of ceilings and floors).
  • Sound and vibration insulation of engineering systems: reducing the noise from ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as adjacent service premises (vibration insulation of refrigerators, noise insulation of chillers, servers, etc.).
  • Creating the required acoustic environment in the studios and film sets. For each type of room (tone room, control room, or film set) there are their own optimum acoustic characteristics, with their own tolerances. The recommended values of the main acoustic parameter - reverberation time - also depend on the volume of the room. The specified acoustic characteristics are achieved by applying the required amount of sound-absorbing finishing materials on the walls and ceilings of the premises.
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Acoustic Group recommendations

Engineering solutions book "SOUNDPROOFING STRUCTURES"

Solutions for vibration insulation of engineering equipment (sections 6-7).

Acoustic project design

The Acoustic Project Design is an official document which is a special chapter of the project construction design documentation of the object.

Wood fiber panels SOUNDBOARD

It is recommended for the use in gyms and shooting ranges due to its vandal-proof properties.

Decorative Acoustic Materials

To obtain the required acoustic environment in auditoriums, classrooms and conference halls, sound-absorbing finishing materials of various types are used on the ceiling and walls. We are sure that in our catalog, you will be able to find what you need.

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