Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics

Soundproofing wall&ceiling

Soundproofing methods for walls and ceilings are very similar. There are two technical solutions: metal framing and frameless construction. Your choice depends on exact requirements: additional sound insulation level, thickness of the construction, main wall loading capacity.

ZIPS - Frameless soundproofing system for walls and ceilings

Thin panels – from 53mm. Easy and fast installation. Minimal risk of mistake.

ZIPS is ready-to-install sound insulating panel system. Panel is fixed to the wall or ceiling through special anti-vibration mounts. These mounts prevent transfer of sound vibrations from the main wall to the panel surface. There must be anti-vibration tape between panels and other surfaces. Joints between panels must be filled with Vibrosil sealant.

Metal framed soundproofing system for walls and ceilings

System thickness – from 90mm. Mounting requires skills in terms of metal framing. Medium risk of mistake.

The main part of the system is metal framing, connected to the wall you are attempting to isolate or to the isolated wall and ceiling. To improve soundproofing level, it’s recommended to use fasteners equipped with anti-vibration damper insert. Metal framing is filled with acoustic wool and covered with two layers of heavy gypsum plasterboard. There also must be anti-vibration tape and Vibrosil sealant between framing and other surfaces.

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