Noise insulation, vibration reduction, architectural acoustics
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complete range of services on the acoustic project design and monitoring of construction and assembly works with the provision of the real guarantees of the final result
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Soundproof granular leveling coating
save costs: simple and fast installation, polymerization in 24 hours
Acoustic triplex based of the gypsum-fiber Board. Eco-friendly and fireproof. Unique sound insulation of timber frame constructions up to 68 dB.
Frameless sound insulating system of the third generation. The most efficient solution in terms of “thickness/result” ratio for additional acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings.
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Acoustic Group mission

We eliminate the noise and improve the acoustics of the premises of a person:

  • Live in a silence
  • Work with comfort
  • Relax in cozy places
  • And work with pleasure
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