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ZIPS is a ready-to-install sound-insulating panel system. The panel is fixed to the wall or ceiling through special anti-vibration mounts. These mounts prevent the transfer of sound vibrations from the main wall to the panel surface. There must be anti-vibration tape between panels and other surfaces. Joints between panels must be filled with Ultrakustik VS sealant.

Sound insulating panels

Soundproofing walls Ultrastik-GW Neo or Ultracoustic-GW Eco are used as a sound-absorbing middle layer in light partition structures.

Soundproofing wool

Depending on the requirements of acoustic effectiveness, rolled materials Ultrakustik Floor 1OO Hydro, panels ZIPS Floor Vector and ZIPS Floor Modul, and soundproofing leveling covering Ultrakustik Floor Plast are used as soundproofing layer.

Floor soundproofing

Ultrakustik Connect, Ultrakustik-Tape M100/150, Ultrakustik VS, and Ultrakustik Box are also used in sound-insulating construction.

Specialized accessories

Performance of most of the modern residential and office buildings is impossible without life-supporting engineering equipment. Conditioning and ventilation systems, backup power sources, elevators and other devices are the source of low-frequency mechanical vibrations transmitted by load-bearing structures of a building. Also, vibrations can be transmitted from the rail road, metro and other external vibration sources through the soil. Vibrations may have adverse effect on the building structures, as well as on the mental and physical condition of a person.

To reduce vibrations, a complex of measures collectively named vibration insulation is performed. One of the most effective vibration insulation methods is introduction of a resilient (anti-vibration) layer between the vibration source and the surface being protected (structure). Vibration absorbing and vibration insulation materials can fulfill the function of such layer.

Vibration Insulation

Decorative acoustic materials belong to a special category of construction finishing materials. They are used not only to get respectable interior, but also to provide good acoustics. Specialized acoustic ceiling and wall panels, depending on objectives set, are capable of absorbing or reflecting sound effectively. Preliminary design of acoustic project or an advice of acoustic engineer is recommended prior to the use of materials of this category.

Decorative acoustic materials