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The experience obtained during 20 years of work at complicated projects allows Decoustic to provide the complete range of services on the acoustic project design and monitoring of construction and assembly works with the provision of the real guarantees of the final result.

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Acoustic project design

As distinct from the consulting services, the acoustic design is initially a complex of arrangements. In the process of its execution the natural and laboratory measurements are made, the acoustic research of the object, the design of the test physics and mathematics models, development of the technical documentation and agreeing on it with the government control authorities. The Acoustic Design is an official document which is a special chapter of the project construction design documentation of the object.


Acoustic measurements and calculations

The natural acoustic measurements, like medical laboratory research, allow to "diagnose" in a correct way, and, what is the most important, to make an accurate forecast for the results of the "treatment". The measurements made by the employees of the company, define the correspondence of the actual acoustic characteristics to the required ones and allow to estimate independently the effectiveness of the executed sound absorbing arrangements.


Project design of the sound insulation

The modern city environment is, unfortunately, not often friendly according to the human being on the point of view of the increased levels of noise and vibration. These irritative factors influence the psycho and emotional state of a human being negatively, and in long-time perspective, they influence his/her health negatively.


Project development of the vibro absorbation

Nowadays the new buildings and constructions are built on the plots influenced by the vibrations more and more often, including the right of ways of the underground or the railway. The named sources of the vibration can cause the vibrations of the elements of the construction of the building, which are much higher than the levels allowed for a human being.


Acoustic modeling

To calculate all the required acoustic parameters of the architectural acoustics our engineers apply two main software envelopes to simulate the halls with the natural acoustics and with the usage of the systems of the loudspeakers: ODEON 12.12 and EASE 4.3.