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How to become a dealer?

Dear future partners!

Acoustics Group is a unique phenomenon in world practice. Thanks to the synergy of three different types of business activities:

  • research, measurement, acoustic consulting and design
  • production (from idea to finished product)
  • retail and B2B-sales, service and installation

we managed to build a closed-loop marketing system, which has no analogues in the industry. Here's how it works:

1. Acoustics engineers constantly conduct natural measurements at sites where various acoustic materials and structures were used
2. R & D department makes comparative tests of materials in its own laboratory, creates innovative products
3. Production creates technology, organizes the production process
4. The advertising department is engaged in market monitoring and media planning
5. The commercial department develops a promotion strategy and is in constant contact with the client
6. Acoustics engineers carry out engineering consulting on the basis of own decisions of the company
7. The technical department monitors the quality of installation, receives feedback from the builders and analyzes it

All departments are in constant communication with each other, which allows you to perfect the production technology on a continuous basis, adjust R & D goals, improve design decisions, train installers, measure "before" and "after" - ultimately guarantee the end result!

We are absolutely convinced that the value that we have learned to create should be appreciated not only by Russian consumers, but also by customers of the entire civilized world. Let the acoustic comfort from a consumer point of view is not of the first order value. On the other hand, in this narrow, on the border with other industries, a sphere called "architectural and construction acoustics" of professionals is extremely small.

If you are looking for promising niches and have not yet met anyone who deals with the commercialization of acoustics so comprehensively as we, if you become a distributor of Acoustics Group in your region, you will be able not only to doing what you love and making money at the same time, but also will be a pioneer of new direction, where there are no competitors yet! If you are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our company, please fill out the questionnaire (see below):

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