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Panels and suspension elements

Sound-absorbing panels and 3D-elements Soundlux is a proprietary design
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This product has become available due to the interest of some customers to acoustic materials with increased wear-resistance, durability and fire safety. As a rule, these requirements are important for public buildings with high traffic, like theatres, cinemas, clubs, bowling, gyms and sports centers.

Distinctive Features:

  • High mechanical strength of outer surface
  • Flammability category - non-flammable material (only for Soundlux-Techno)
  • Possible painting to any RAL color (only for Soundlux-Design)
  • High-quality powder coating of the shield (only for Soundlux-Design)
  • Effective sound absorbance during assembly with no spaces
Up to date, Soundlux panels are available in the following configurations: wall perforated metal cartridges Soundlux-Design with an optional painting to any RAL color, their non-flammable variants Soundlux-Techno in five colors, as well as suspended sound-absorbing elements Sound-Baffle.

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Standard perforation of the metal shield: 3 mm dia holes, 5 mm spaced. Perforation coefficient 28%. Other custom-made round perforation (as well as square, rhomb) is possible when order volume exceeds 200 m2.

Soundlux materials

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