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Private homes and cottages

When designing and constructing a detached home, attention should be paid to sound insulation. A modern home can include many rooms that can produce high levels of unwanted sound, such as home cinemas or utility rooms. Good sound insulation provides acoustic comfort to residents, whilst also providing a higher quality experience when using entertainment rooms.

Key numbers

20 dBA

A comfortable noise level at night in a living room (no active noise production)

80 dBA

Possible noise level of household utility appliances (freezers, pumps, boilers)

100 dBA

Maxim noise level experienced in cinemas

in 99 %of cases

When wanting to reduce penetrating noise from the street, additional sound insulation of the facades and walls is not required, instead window blocks usually require replacing.

Issues which require sound insulation within private homes and cottages:

  • Sound insulation of floors (to reduce the transmission of impacts and air noise between floors)
  • Interior sound insulating partitions (to reduce sound transmission within the home)
  • Sound insulation for loud (home theatre) or quiet (bedroom) rooms
  • Specialist finishings for optimal comfort and experience in home theatres
  • Sound and vibration insulation of utility appliances within the home: heating, water supply, ventilation system and backup power supplies
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