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Airports and Railway Stations

In the design, construction, and renovation of the railway stations and airport buildings great attention should be paid to the implementation of sound and vibration insulation. As well as to create the required acoustic comfort within the premises, in addition to insulating against unwanted sound pollution, passengers must also hear all the speaker's announcements clearly and legibly without acoustic dampening.

Key numbers

more than110 dBA

the maximum sound level when starting engines of a wide-body aircraft, as measured at a distance of 20 m from the nearest aircraft engine

60 dBA

the allowable (equivalent) sound level in the check-in and waiting areas for airport passengers


the allowable reverberation time at mid frequencies for passenger check-in and waiting areas depending on the air volume of the room

Sound and vibration insulation as well as acoustics issues; within railway station and airport premises:

  • The requirement to insulate the sound and vibration of engineering systems: Reducing the noise from ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as that of service premises including vibration insulation of refrigerators and, noise insulation of chillers, etc. In this case, the priority areas of protection are waiting rooms, shopping areas, utilities rooms and administration premises on site.
  • Vibration insulation of foundations and rail tracks for railways stations or interconnecting rail based transport systems in airports.
  • Additional soundproofing of business areas, including administrative areas.
  • Creating a comfortable acoustic environment within the premises for waiting rooms and other recreational areas of a transport hub.
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