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In the design, construction, and renovation of entertainment facilities office premises, due attention should be paid to sound and vibration insulation issues in the office, meeting rooms and open space areas.

Key numbers

over 20%

of office employees complain about noise produced by utility systems: heating, condition and ventilation systems (according to surveys).

57,4 dB

the average sound level of a standard conversation at a distance of 1 m

up to60 dBA

the permissible equivalent sound level for performing highly skilled work that requires concentration, in accordance with sanitary norms CH 2.2.4/

68 dB

the recommended Rw sound insulation index between work premises and technical premises

Issues of sound vibration insulation and acoustics in office premises:

  • Sound insulation required between neighbouring offices, meeting rooms and work areas (sound insulation of office walls and partitions; sound insulation of ceilings and floors).
  • Sound and vibration insulation of utility equipment: noise reduction of ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as noise from server rooms and other adjacent technical facilities (refrigeration units, chillers, power generators, ect.)
  • Sound insulation between workplaces and the creation of an acoustically comfortable environment in the open area workplaces (sound-absorbing office partitions, suspended and/or sprayed acoustic ceilings).
  • Acoustic comfort in meeting rooms and conference rooms.
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